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We give away tokens to our subscribers!
Twice a week we are sending out tokens of the most spectacular ICO projects.
It is the easiest way to create a very diversified portfolio of crypto assets.

Since June 1 we already gave away 400 ETH worth of tokens to our community!

Just for 0.1 ETH/month you are welcome to join a private community of trusted international blockchain enthusiasts.

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At the next block please enter as much information as possible. We need your personal data ONLY to contact you.
Send us 0.1 ETH as a payment for the first month of subscription
We will contact you very soon after signing up and will send you the public key for the Ethereum address where you will have to send a payment of 0.1 ETH
Automatically receive tokens of different ICO projects twice a week
Usually we will just them to your MyEtherWallet/Metamask address. You should also sign up for a Waves wallet as some of the airdropped tokens use that blockchain.
Usually it takes 2-3 months for ICOs to start trading at exchanges. We will keep you updated about what is going on with the airdropped tokens during the whole period of subscription.
Sign up for just 0.1 ETH/month
We will contact you in Telegram immediately after registration
Who are we?
IBCG is the biggest Russian blockchain community
Events hosted in 2017
People participated in the events or watched them online
Blockchain professionals took the stage at our events
Contact us:
+7 916 354 91 00
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